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Custom Jewelry Manufacturing 

What is Jewellery OEM Manufacturing


Jewellery OEM Manufacturing is a service provided by us wherein, we manufacture Jewellery as per the specifications provided by Private Labels of Jewellery, Jewelry Brands, Jewelry Retailers, Jewelry designers etc who have their own concept of designs and specifications. Whether it is 925 Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry or Designer Jewelry of any kind,  all the relevant information about the custom made designs of jewelry is provided by the customers and we manufacture the same accordingly. 

We offer widest range of gemstones of more than 200 natural gemstones to choose from which can be set in Silver Jewelry or Gold Jewelry. 


Materials offered by us for Jewellery OEM


We offer Silver Jewellery and Gold Jewellery in 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold and 9K Gold with Rhodium Plating, Rose Gold Plating, Gold Plating, Vermeil Plating and so on. 

Along with the designer concept jewelry, we offer Jewelry OEM services various styles like Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Minimalistic Design Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Horoscopic Jewelry and most popular Demi fine jewelry etc. 

Different pieces of Jewelry including Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Chains can be hand made or Casted depending upon the design and quantity required by the customers. 


Why choose us as your Jewellery Manufacturer / Jewellery Wholesale supplier


In competitive Jewelry Industry, it is very important for any Jewelry Shop, Jewelry Brand, Jewelry retailer to find the right Jewellery Manufacturer or Jewellery Factory, who can provide all sorts of Jewellery Manufacturing Services under one roof. 

Making Jewelry can become a difficult and very time consuming process if you have to find individual service providers like Jewelry casting service, Jewelry CAD Service, Jewelry setting, Jewelry polishing and plating.  

When choosing Aariana Jewels, we assure you to offer the best Jewellery OEM service as all the Jewellery manufacturing processes are done under one roof, using the latest technology and machinery. 

Aariana Jewels is one of the leading and top Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry manufacturers having Jewelry factory in an area of more than 25,000 square feet in Jaipur, India, and with a daily production capacity of more that 2,500 pieces of finely crafted high quality Jewelry.  From Jewelry CAD designing to final polishing and plating, everything is done in house, assuring Jewelry manufacturing in a controlled environment to deliver the best possible jewelry quality and finish along with providing your design jewelry at most competitive wholesale prices.   


Jaipur : The City of Gemstones and Birthstones


Jaipur, is the largest gemstone city of the World, where millions of carats of rough stones enter from all around the World, cut and polished to produce beautiful gemstones for your Precious Jewelry. Jaipur, also called the Pink city is the World's largest producer of gemstones like Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Tourmalines and many more precious and semi precious gemstones. 

The availability of all sorts of Gemstones at wholesale prices is the reason why Jaipur has also become a strategic location for various types of Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Factories and Jewelry wholesalers. 

Our Jewelry factory is located in the Special Economic Zone of Jaipur, and is one of the leading Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry manufacturers of India.    


Our Jewelry Manufacturing Process

We offer both hand made jewellery and casted jewellery, depending upon the designs and quantity requirements of our customers. 

As a starting point, we ask our customers to share their Jewellery Designs in any format like CAD Files, 3D images, Drawings or Sketches, reference images etc. In the following step we develop a CAD images and files (in case the CAD files are not provided by the customers) and share them with the clients. 

After finalising the CAD, we develop Jewelry samples in Silver or Gold as required for quality check and final order placing. At this point the customers have a clear picture of wholesale jewelry prices of their designs and they can accordingly decide the order quantity, the stones to be used, jewelry plating colour etc. 

After receiving the final order we process the same and deliver in 3 to 5 weeks time, depending upon the order quantity. 

You can get in touch with our team now for discussion on developing your Jewelry designs in silver or gold.  



Strong Brand Building Support

A strong Jewelry brand image symbolises Authenticity and Trust in the minds of customers when it comes to buying Jewelry. At Aariana Jewels, we offer services like Laser Brand and Logo inscription on every piece of Jewelry to help build a strong Jewelry brand value for our wholesale buyers. Along with the exclusivity in designing, laser inscriptions on jewelry also helps create uniqueness and brand loyalty in the minds of customers. We strongly recommend laser inscribing Brand name or Logo on every piece of Jewelry. 

For e-commerce/ online jewelry sellers, we also have a photography department which can provide photographs and videos of every piece of Jewelry so that you can directly upload them on your e-commerce sites or marketplaces and start selling your ordered Jewelry immediately. You can read our blog on "How to set up a successful Jewelry Brand" for more ideas.      

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