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How to setup a Successful Jewelry Brand

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Entrepreneurial decisions can be overwhelming at times.

With so much competition around, a right approach and strategy is a must for forming a successful Jewelry brand.

When we talk about a "Brand", be it related to any product, we think about Quality, Credibility and Strong Trust Factor.

Creating a strong Jewelry brand value for your upcoming Jewelry Brand is no different.

If you keep some of the essentials in mind all the time, your brand can gain recognition in very short period of time.

Keep in mind the below points which will help you create a strong Jewelry Brand entity

  1. Maintain high quality and finish of your Jewelry

  2. Competitor Price Analysis

  3. Strong Social Media Presence

  4. Jewelry Packaging

  5. Visual Branding Support

  6. Own E-commerce website as well as presence on trusted market places

  7. After sales follow up

The above few basic things, if planned out and done with consistency can produce good results towards your Jewelry Brand building.

Let us talk about the above points in detail :

Maintain High quality and finish of your Jewelry

Instead of setting up their own manufacturing facility, a lot of Jewelry brands including Major Jewelry Brands Worldwide, find a Jewelry Manufacturer who would offer them Jewelry OEM, Jewelry ODM, Product Planning Services etc. thus, eliminating a need of investing heavily in Jewelry manufacturing infrastructure.

Finding the right Jewelry Manufacturer or Jewelry Maker is very important and may take some hit and trial till you end up with the right company. Your Jewelry Manufacturer or Jewelry Supplier, whether you are dealing in Silver Jewelry or Gold Jewelry, should be able to delivery you products which are consistent in quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing and all sorts of manufacturing solutions under one roof. This way, you can completely focus on your marketing, finding new customers, while strengthening relations with your existing customers.

Jewelry Manufacturers in India have an access to almost all sorts of Gemstones and Diamonds, as Surat is the leading city, known worldwide for Diamonds cutting and polishing and Jaipur being famous as the natural coloured Gemstone city of the World. A Jewelry Maker located in Jaipur can offer a widest variety of Gemstones, which can be cut and polished in various shapes, sizes, fantasy cuts etc.

Reputed Jewellery Makers, like Aariana Jewels and Jewellery suppliers are equipped with the latest technology and machinery and with their highly skilled craftsmen, they offer high quality finish goods at competitive prices.

Competitor Price Analysis

It is important to do a research on the competitors and existing Jewelry brands in your location. A study on a successful brand's product line and pricing will give you a good idea of an acceptable price range for Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry.

This will help in product planning as per the acceptable price trends in your niche and you may become a preferred jewelry shop soon after the launch of your brand.

Strong Social Media Presence

Social media presence has become an important way of communicating your Brand Value and image to your followers on daily basis. A strong Instagram, Facebook etc account gives you a strong entity and you can convey your uniqueness and speciality with ease. Whenever, a new customer hears about a new brand or company, they tend to survey about them online and scroll through their Social Media profiles to have a better idea of their products and services.

Don't miss out on this part in your Jewelry Branding Campaign and try to be as consistent as possible with it.

Jewelry Packaging

Your Jewelry Packaging is as important as your Jewelry. Invest in good Jewelry Packaging and supplies to deliver a strong feel good factor to your customers along with the Jewelry. A good packaging with your Jewelry Brand Logo / Tagline etc will gradually build your reputation as a strong brand and leave a lasting impression in your buyers' minds, who may not hesitate to recommend you to their friends and relatives.

Visual Branding Support

A customer remembers you by a lot of visual you show to your customers. A good and impactful Jewelry Brand Logo will help develop a strong brand, as having a logos are associated with credibility and trust.

Most renowned brands have a Laser Inscription on their Jewelry now a days. This gives a brand its unique entity and your product association to your brand.

Make a good Brand home page to give an overview of your brand story to your customers. Having a good brand page, again, strongly helps in brand building as people are not just interested in a product but also the story behind the idea of forming a brand. With the help of your page, tell your clients about the uniqueness you offer in comparison to the next door Jeweller in your market.

Own E-commerce website as well as presence on trusted market places

Make an E-commerce site of your own as well as make your presence in renowned market places like Amazon, Rakuten, Zozotown etc. in your country of operation. While having your own E-commerce site add to your brand value and trust, some customers who do not know about your product quality, may prefer to buy your Jewelry online through market places instead of buying directly, as this gives a sense of security in case of refunds.

Presence on single or multiple E-commerce market places may also bring some positive results to your digital marketing campaigns.

After sales follow up

Always, try to stay in touch with your customers by expressing gratitude on their purchases and keep them up do date with your new collections as well as promotional schemes and offers. A personalised mail or posted letter can help in building loyalty towards your Jewelry brand and add on sales in near future.

If you would like us to add any of your ideas and addition tips to this post,

If you are looking for a Jewelry Factory and a Jewelry Manufacturer who can provide you with one stop solution, please get in touch with us

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