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What metals and materials do you offer?

At Aariana Jewels, we offer Jewelry made of 925 Silver, 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold and 9K Gold with various colour platings as required by the clients with a choice of more than 200 natural gemstones and birthstones along with Diamonds, Pearls, and Cubic Zirconia. Please refer to our list of Gemstones for more details. 

Are the metals and alloys used anti allergic?

Yes, all the metals and alloys used by us are free from all sorts of skin allergy causing elements like Nickel, Lead, Cadmium etc. We comply with the highest international standards in metallurgy to avoid any sort of allergies or irritations caused by use of cheap quality metal and alloys. We can also provide a detailed testing report for the same if required.    

How can I see the design collection originally designed by Aariana Jewels?

We have an Original design open line of more than 20,000 pieces. This line is updated from time to time by our team of expert designers depending upon latest market and and fashion trends. The physical samples of our design line are always available at our factory for you. You can fix up an appointment by contacting us to visit our factory to see the physical samples. Alternatively, you can also discuss and explain us what kind of design line you are looking for through email, phone, Line call etc. Our team will short list the designs matching to your idea and share with you with relevant details like net weight, gross weight, stone weight etc. and tentative price range. After going through the designs you can decide how much quantity you wish to order.   

Do you have any (MOQ) Minimum Order Quantity for a particular design I must order? 

In this competitive environment, we work together with you and try our best to back up and support our valuable clients in every possible way. 

We have kept our MOQ as low as 10 pieces for every design made in silver, including various stones and sizes for that design. 

There is no MOQ requirement for designs made in 18K, 14K, 10K or 9K.

For Sample orders, we can accommodate your order without imposing any MOQ requirements. Please get in touch with us for further details.   

Do you apply E-coating/ Nano Coating on your Jewelry? 

Yes, we apply special E-Coating also known as Nano-coating to the Jewelry for improving durability and Plating life. It is a transparent thin coating applied as a final process on finished Jewelry. This is relatively a new technique and not followed by many Jewelry Manufacturers. The coating also makes Jewelry more scratch resistant.

Can you manufacture my own custom designs, themes or concepts of Jewelry ? 

Yes, we offer full customisation of designs as required by our clients. A client can choose to either customise our existing designs or we can develop new designs from the scratch based on the concept/ theme provided by the client. This is a part of our Jewelry ODM services where we discuss in detail about your design imagination, ideas, concepts etc. After receiving the information we move on to CAD development and later to sample development step by step to make the Jewelry exactly as desired by you. 

Will you include my custom designs and concepts in your open line or show to any other client of yours? 

Strictly NO

We value your company and brand privacy. We neither showcase your custom made designs to any third party nor disclose your company or brand name to anyone, maintaining secrecy and privacy for all our clients. Your designs and data will be kept separately exclusively for you only.    

How can I share my design data with you for my own custom designs? 

You can share your design ideas in several ways including:

  • Manually hand draw designs

  • CAD files

  • Physical samples 

  • Images in any format like JPEG, PNG etc. 

  • Links from the internet

  • Apart from the above, you can also discuss your ideas verbally or through email with our design team and we will be gladly assisting you in developing your new Jewelry design collection as desired by you. 

What is the production time required by you after design finalisation? 

Based upon the quantity and designs you choose, the production time ranges from 3 to 4 weeks. The delivery of your shipment usually takes 3 to 5 days upto the port of your destination from the day of shipping.

Do you do laser inscription of company name and logo on Jewelry?

Yes, as a part of branding support for our clients, we do laser inscription of Brand/ Company Name, Logo, Product details etc as desired by our clients, using the latest laser inscription machinery. This service can be provided free of charge depending upon order quantity and volume. Please get in touch with us for further details. 

Do you provide branded packaging for my jewelry order? 

Even though, Jewelry packaging is not our business line, we do provide support in procuring packaging for your orders and ship you single packed Jewelry in custom Jewelry boxes/ packaging as required. We can also support you in designing and developing your branded packaging through our packaging vendors without adding any service charges.   

I am an Online Seller and need photographs for my ordered Jewelry. Do you provide photography support? 

Yes, we are equipped with the latest photography equipments in house to provide high resolution photography and videography for your Jewelry. With a very nominal charge we can provide photographs from different angles, 360 degree videos etc which you can directly upload to your Online Jewelry Store. Although this service is chargeable, it will still be cheaper than what your local photographer will charge you for the same quality and resolution

I am new to Jewelry Business and do not have much knowledge about the industry Can you assist me?   

Yes, with most pleasure. 

Our team of more than 300 craftsmen, Jewelry designers, marketing team are always available and willing to assist you. 

With us, you don't have to be a Jewelry professional by any means. Apart from major bulk buyers, we have clients who run small online stores, boutiques etc, work from home clients who rely upon our expertise to venture in Jewelry business. We can also assist you in developing designs from the scratch to final production in our Product Planning support. We responsibly make sure that all our clients get most competitive prices, best quality finishing and latest trending designing to maximise their sales.  

How can I be sure of the quality of goods that will be delivered to me? 

At Aariana Jewels, we follow highest quality control and inspection standards. Every finalised piece of Jewelry goes through strict checking and inspection at various check points to ensure the best possible quality delivery. For new designs, we first provide you with sample pieces so that you may make any sort of amendments or changes if at all needed. After sample inspection and your satisfaction with the design and quality you can place the order of your desired quantities. 

Do you provide Certificate of Origin for Customs and Tax saving purposes ? 

Yes. There are several countries Worldwide which have Trade Agreements with India for Tax free or lower Customs duty rate slabs for goods made in India. You can request for the Certificate of Origin at the time of placing your order or before your order is shipped.  

If you did not find the answer your questions, you are most welcome to get in touch with us to resolve your queries.  

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