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Silver Jewelry Manufacturing

India's Leading Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Silver's high malleability, ductility, resistance to oxidisation makes it one of the best metals for use in Jewellery manufacturing. History of Silver Jewellery dates back to centuries ago and was widely used for making art objects, silver jewellery with gemstones, plain silver jewelry and even used as currency in ancient times. From tribal jewelry to contemporary style jewelry, silver jewellery manufacturing techniques have constantly evolved and Silver Jewelry, both, with gemstones and without gemstones are widely used Worldwide. 

In recent years, due to constant rise in the prices of other precious metals like Gold and Platinum, Silver Jewelry demand has seen a manifold rise. Along with rhodium plated silver jewellery, Gold plating of variable thicknesses like 5 Micron, Vermeil, 1 micron on Silver has seen a significant increase in demand due to much lower costs in comparison to Gold and Platinum Jewelry, while the overall look is very close to expensive jewelry. 

Silver's unique physical and chemical characteristics makes it possible to set various semi-precious and precious gemstones, including diamonds  in Silver Jewelry, making it a great alternative to expensive Gold jewelry and platinum Jewelry. Easy affordability of jewelry in silver also means that people can easily buy jewelry in various styles suitable for different attires and occasions. 

Non allergic nature of Silver makes it a safe option to be used for making jewelry in silver as cases of allergies to silver are hardly known and people can wear Silver Jewellery without worrying about the skin infections and allergies. Silver Jewellery with gemstones are not only beautiful but also have astrological values in various countries, cultures and religions. 

From business perspective, silver jewellery serves as a great choice of product for various business models. From designer's studios to online jewelry retailers and wholesalers, the price effectiveness of Silver Jewellery makes it an easy option to sell online and in larger quantities. Stocking, in comparison to Gold and Platinum Jewelry is easier without posing a significant financial burden and costs, especially for Jewellery startups and upcoming brands. 

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest machinery and equipment so that our clients do not have to worry about the quality and finish of their Silver Jewellery. To support the retailers and B2B sellers, we offer competitively priced silver jewellery with gemstones or without gemstones so that our Jewelry buyers can beat the competition. As one of the biggest silver jewellery manufacturers of India and Jaipur, we offer various Jewelry manufacturing services to our clients, including Jewelry OEM and Jewelry ODM, wherein our clients can choose to manufacture their own original designs with us or choose from thousands of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets etc from the design collection already developed by us. As a customised Jewelry manufacturer, the chosen designs from our collection can also be fully customised using any gemstones of choice and various plating options. 

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