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Jewelry lovers and buyers all around the world are becoming more and more brand aware with the advancement in digital technology and rapidly expanding social media networks. Every company wishes to offer a unique pattern or style statement for their Jewelry line making them stand out from the competition. 


We at Aariana Jewels are at your Jewelry OEM service to build design lines from the scratch as per your concept imagination and planning.

We accept the reference design data in the form of :

  • Manual hand drawn rough sketches 

  • PDF files, JPEG Files, PNGs etc 

  • Online reference photos 

  • CAD files

  • Or even through verbal or email communications of your imagined concepts and designs.

Our expert and highly qualified designers' team communicates and coordinates with you to time to time from designing to producing a perfect Jewelry samples as imagined by you for your consideration and inspection before placing your final order.


You may place repeat orders for any desired quantity once your are satisfied with your design's performance in your market.  


Unlike most of other Jewelry OEM Factories and Manufacturers, we do not impose high MOQ requirements, helping our clients maintain a good liquidity at all times.

We are there to back you up with our high daily production capacity so that you do not miss the sales opportunities in peak Jewelry Sales seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day etc. throughout the year.    

The designs and patterns developed for your company remain highly confidential and reserved only for your company and brand. We do not show or leak those designs to any third party whatsoever.

For branding support we offer Laser Inscription of your company name and brand on your jewelry. This, depending on order volume can be provided as a complimentary service.

Also, we can support you in introducing the Jewelry packaging designers and manufacturers who can offer you Jewelry packaging at lower prices, hence, cutting down your expenses.


At Aariana Jewels we provide the best ODM Jewelry experience. We have over 20,000 original and latest design collection in our open line to choose from. We update our design line regularly as per the latest jewelry market and fashion trends. Physical samples of our original designs are always available at our Jewelry factory for clients' consideration, inspection and order placement. The available designs are fully customisable as per client specifications and needs in various options including:


  • Preferred Gemstones or Birthstones. We have more than 200 natural gemstone choices in various shapes and sizes along with Natural Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia and Pearls. 

  • Preferred metal (925Silver, 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold, or 9K Gold)

  • Surface finish choices like satin or matte, high glossy or reflective, hammered, brush finish etc.

  • Plating colour and micron thickness in Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rhodium, Oxidised etc.

  • Brand Logo and name laser engraving using high tech machinery

  • E-coating for enhancing the plating durability, anti tarnishing and increasing scratch resistance.

  • We also cater minor design alterations and size adjustments in existing designs, if required by clients.      





With ever changing trends in Fashion and Jewelry industry it is extremely important to adapt and update our design lines regularly. Our team of designers are always closely watching and studying various markets trends and discuss the same in detail with the clients depending on geographical location of their business.

While product development and planning we provide consultation to our clients as to what should be the ideal collection line for them depending upon:

  • The country of business operations

  • Mode of sales like Online sales, Physical Jewelry Stores, Pop-up shops, catalog business sales, Teleshopping sales, Instagram or Facebook live sales  etc. 

  • Age group of targeted customers 

  • Gender of targeted customers 

  • Season or occasion of product/ collection/ brand launch

  • Price sensitivity and acceptability in the market of business

  • Competitors business and product analysis


Considering the above factors, we support or clients in planning the best possible Jewelry design line for increasing the sales volumes while staying competitive in the market.        




Our Factory being located in the heart of World's most famous gemstone city, Jaipur, gives us an access to all sorts of rough gemstones, semi polished or full cut gemstones from different gem mines all around the World.

Along with the possibility of use of more than 200 types of Gemstones in Jewelry made in our Jewelry Factory, we also provide loose gemstones and Birthstones to overseas Jewelry factories, jewelry craftsmen, gem collectors, micro and small scale jewelry workshops, retailers etc. 

We offer all sorts of shapes, sizes and quality as required by the customers along with the possibility of custom made unique gemstone cuts.


The Loose Gemstones offered by us include all sorts of precious and semi-precious gemstones including Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires  Opals, Spinels etc. 


Please click here for list of loose gemstones offered by us.  


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