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As one of the premium and leading Jewelry Manufacturers of India, Aariana Jewels has a design collection of more than 20,000 original designs. These designs are constantly updated and new jewelry collection is added from time to time based upon the latest fashion trends and styles. 

From Dainty and minimalist design Jewelry to fully customisable options, we offer a wide range of gemstones which can be set in 925 Silver, 9K, 10K, 14K or 18K as per the clients' specifications.

Our Silver and Gold Rings can be customised by choosing from more than 200 types of natural gemstones with preferred Rose Gold, Yellow gold or Rhodium plating. As one of the leading Jewelry manufacturers of Jaipur, India, we provide consistently good quality and finish, timely delivery and competitive priced Jewelry to maximise our clients' profitability.   

Earrings form a very important part of your attire as they are the most and directly visible piece of Jewelry. From bold styles to dainty and bare minimum pieces of earrings, we offer a wide variety of Earrings and studs design to choose from. Being one of the leaders in Jewelry Manufacturing, we can customise the chosen earrings design with your choice of back locks, along with a vast choice of natural gemstones to choose from. Our original Earrings design collection consists of more than 15,000 designs and matching Rings, Bracelets and Pendants to form a complete set as well. 

You can also get your originally designed earrings in any material including Silver and gold. When making custom designs for clients, we ensure fully privacy ensuring uniqueness of your Jewelry Brand. 


As a part of our Jewelry Product Planning, our in-house team of highly professional Jewelry designers can develop new concepts too, depending upon the specifications and ideas conveyed by you.   

From Charms to your bold statement pieces, we at Aariana Jewels offer a wide variety of Silver and Gold Bracelets with a vast variety of Natural Gemstones, diamonds, Cubic Zirconia etc to choose from. You can get your jewelry brand name engraved on every bracelet or decide to put your brand name tag/ charm on every bracelet we will make for you. Engraving your Jewelry Brand name on every piece of your Jewelry helps in creating a strong branding and creating a strong trust and reliability. 

Aariana Jewels, which is one of the leading Silver Jewelry and gold Jewelry manufacturer of India helps the clients in building a strong Jewelry brand building, which helps in increasing the sales and reputation as a big jewelry brand. 


For more information you can have a quick read at our blog on "How to setup a Successful Jewelry Brand"  

What makes Aariana Jewels one of the leading Jewelry Manufacturers of India is our dedication towards delivering the highest quality, timely deliveries and offering most competitive Jewelry prices to all our International Jewelry Buyers. Our jewelry collection consists of thousands of necklace and pendant designs in Silver as well as Gold. The existing designs can be custom made using any type of Gemstones as per clients' specifications and requirements. Feel free to browse through our original design collection of pendants and Necklaces. For any Jewelry Wholesale, Jewelry manufacturing queries, feel free to get in touch with us. 



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